Zachary Oxman launched his sculpting career while obtaining his BFA from Carnegie Mellon University. Heavily influenced by the Baroque masters during his studies in Italy, he developed a style that fused a classical aesthetic with a contemporary vision. His raw talent and fresh approach led him relatively quickly to a variety of major commission work, both public and private, including several pieces for two US Presidents.

However, over the years, the seeds of his artistic unrest were beginning to sprout as he increasingly found himself re-creating rather than creating. Then in 2009, Oxman's studio caught fire along with much of the work that had defined him.

A highly personal and creative revolution naturally ensued as he embraced this event as a defining moment. He chose not to rebuild what was, but to build what must be. Oxman embarked on a deeply intense personal journey of discovery.

Metaphorically speaking, he locked his studio door and for more than two years became a student of himself. The result; a creative revolution that produced a paradigm shift in Oxman's creative process and a provocative body of work that explores how the concepts of duality and perspective so powerfully influence the human condition. Continuing to manifest these concepts, Oxman utilizes new technologies infused with a chaotic sense of improvisation; allowing his sculptures to be participants in their own creation.

As a result, a fresh voice has emerged for Oxman. A voice that is best actualized when one shares the physical space with the work itself. Relating back and revealing, his sculptures reflect like a mirror onto the viewer, illuminating the complexities within all of us.

Zachary Oxman © 2014